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As great as they look, so many women have vowed never to have eyelash extensions ever again. Why is that?

Eyelash extensions can highlight and provide additional emphasis to your eyes, there is no denying that but, as they say, all good things do come at a cost – the procedure involves placing individual synthetic lashes using adhesives that contain formaldehyde; a chemical used to preserve corpses – this procedure can cause nasty negative effects like loss of eyelashes, red/swollen eyes, irritations, and possible blindness in extreme cases.

It is so important to be aware of the products and chemicals that will be used and make sure you are not allergic to any of them.

The Hidden Dangers of Extensions + Glue 

I’ve had extensions in the past. I really did enjoy having them, the look was so natural, and you come out of bed ready for liftoff…

BUT I kept feeling uneasy about the glue because I’ve always just seen them as “super glue”, and the last time I checked, they were for DIY household projects and crafts not lash application.

Ok ok, it’s not super glue, but…

Your aesthetician won’t tell you or just doesn’t know that it does contain formaldehyde; a colorless strong smelling flammable chemical that can cause the following:

Loss of Real Lashes

According to Dr. Brian Wachler, a Beverly Hills optician, “you can have permanent loss of your own lashes from a reaction to the glue being used that causes damage to the hair follicles and remember your eyelashes they're not just cosmetic ornaments right they're there to protect your eyes so you need them all like windshield wipers kind of they're there to protect things from flying into your eyes”

Look at the picture above, that’s a photo of a bad reaction a woman had from getting eyelash extensions. We need to talk about this more because you don't want your eyes looking like that, right?

I don't think fake eyelashes are worth dying for.

It is very difficult to assess the current state of your lashes while you have semi-permanent lash extensions on.

Possible Blindness

If the wrong products are used or something goes wrong during the application procedure, you could end up with serious eye problems or even blindness.

Yahoo!, reported the case of a U.K. girl, Megan Rixson who lost her sight for two hours immediately after getting eyelash extensions.

According to her, during the procedure, she felt a burning sensation in her eyes and then realized she couldn’t open them anymore.

Two long hours and many eyedrops later, she was finally able to recover her sight, although her eyes were still very sensitive.

Megan later found out that they had used nail glue on her eyelashes, almost costing her her sight.


Infections are almost inevitable if you get extensions often enough.

“These are hard lashes so if they're not attached properly they can actually swing down like a door and scratch your cornea and cause an infection” – Dr. Wachler.

Angie, a New York native, went to a great salon with 5 stars on Yelp. According to her “they did a good job. It was clean. I can't complain. I washed my face constantly. And still, several mornings I woke up my eyelids were swollen. Like the beginning of the eye infection. And sadly my natural eyelashes are half the length they were. If I had it to do over again I would have not have gotten them.”

Bacteria can also grow in semi-permanent lashes which can lead to infection and some people can lose their real lashes from too many treatments.

Allergies & Irritations

Allergies don’t care if you got the extensions from a professional or novice. If you're allergic this would happen. Remember you’re putting chemicals near your eyes and on the eyelid which is a very sensitive place.

Corneal abrasions are also very common if the lashes are too long or very hard.

“You can have a skin reaction that causes an allergy from the glue being used” – Dr. Wachler.

According to a Japanese web-based survey, 26.5% of the people that got extensions, experienced some type of reaction such as irritation, swollen eyelids, and more.

How to Mitigate the Dangers

You can never fully avoid these side effects but you can take some precautions to help mitigate them if you still want to get extensions.

First, seek out a reputable salon with a proven track record.

Secondly, ask if the glue they're using contains formaldehyde, if it does, DON’T do it because formaldehyde again, is meant for the morgue, not lashes.

Third, confirm the quality of the products being used. And make sure the procedure is done in a clean and sanitary environment where they wash their hands, wear masks, use sanitary pillow covers, sterilize the tools, and use disposable eyelash brushes.

If the proper sanitary precautions are not taken, it could result in a bacterial infection which can lead to conjunctivitis (pink eye), and other potentially potent pathogens.

Another thing to look out for is, do they have an official “eyelash extension license”? Not just a certification. Who can perform eyelash extension application in the US is regulated on a state-by-state basis, with only Texas, Alaska, and Arkansas making it compulsory for lash technicians to have an eyelash extension specialist license.

The remaining majority only require a general esthetician or cosmetologist license which is not enough because most beauty schools barely scratch the surface when it comes to the nitty-gritty of lash extension application

The best and only way to fully avoid these dangers is to avoid extensions completely and opt for a strip lashes instead.

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

The following are not dangers but more so the cost and discomfort that come with lash extensions;

Expensive to Maintain

The cost of lash extensions ranges anywhere from $100 to $300 for a full set depending on your technician - their experience level, location, quality of the lashes, and tools being used.

Also, your fills that happen every two or three weeks can also range anywhere from $50 to $150 every single time you get your fill done.

Also, your fills that happen every two or three weeks can also range anywhere from $50 to $150 every single time you get your fill done.


It could be frustrating to not be able to rub your eyes or get them wet often. You’re not supposed to get them wet within the first 24 to 48 hours – the period in which the glue is still curing.

Don't underestimate rubbing your eyes when they get itchy, because I know that's a big X factor for a lot of women who switch from extensions to strips – they want to be able to let their eyes breathe at the end of the day and rub their eyes freely.

You are also limited in terms of sleeping positions. If you don’t want them falling out on your pillow, you’ll have to be sleeping sideways or on your back like an Egyptian mummy.

You can't even wash your face properly or have a hot shower because they get weakened by steam.

One Style for All Occasions 

Since they are semi-permanent, you’ll be wearing the same lashes to work, dinners, and parties – no glam days, no relaxed days – same look every day.

I often wear different lashes for different occasions and different makeups with different outfits. I really like to switch things up daily; some days I don't even wear lashes at all, another day I’m good with just mascara. You can’t enjoy that freedom with extensions.

Bi-Monthly Studio Visit

Getting them serviced can be a job in and of itself because you have to go back to your lash tech every two or three weeks; at least that's what I was requested to do and it's really boring as you have to lie down for an hour with someone's hand on your eyes. It's just not so comfortable. You can’t check your phone or do anything.

It might not seem like a big deal initially but when you have to do it 15 to 20 times a year, it can take a toll on you.

Lash Removal

If you want your lashes removed, you have to go to your technician to have them removed properly unlike with strip lashes which you can easily remove from the comfort of your home.

Pulling off your extensions can actually pull out your own lashes, which is not good, plus it's painful.

Removing them will require another appointment at the salon, or if you can put up with patchy lashes, then letting them fall off with your real lashes at the end of their growth cycle is another option.

What’s a Safe Alternative?

Strip lashes are your best bet as the glue doesn’t contain formaldehyde. I personally try to stay clear of anything glue.

I’ve found refuge in magnetic eyelashes and I don’t see myself leaving them anytime soon.

I don’t struggle to put them on like drugstore falsies.

They don’t use glue, just magnets. No latex to worry about.

With magnetic lashes though, you need to know that they’re not all created equal, and with that being said, I’ll advise you to avoid the double-stack ones – they’re hard to apply.

Get the modern single ones that have a magnetic eyeliner like the one from Kinky Lash, which is what I’ve been using for the past three months and can’t recommend it enough.

With Kinky Lash, you don't have to be a pro to pop them on in seconds, and there's no glue involved. It's so easy to apply. Just use the magnetic eyeliner like your regular liquid liner, wait for it to dry, and then line up the lash with eyeliner as you can see in the video below.

Fun fact: Even if you didn't line the lash correctly, it's easy to redo unlike with glue.

Is Kinky Lash Safe for You?

Kinky lash uses NO glue so you are free from formaldehyde, latex, and all the dangerous chemicals found in traditional lash glues.

The magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxide which is rated 2 for safety according to the EWG.

There are no heavy metals or parabens in the formula. Iron oxide doesn’t cause problems even for people with sensitive skin. If you don’t get allergies from your car keys, then you should be just fine.

If you’ve had eye problems/surgery in the last 12 months, please consult your doctor.

How to Get Kinky Lash

If you want to enjoy thicker, fuller, and gorgeous eyelashes without the nasty side effects of extensions, lifts, and latex, click the button below to order your set of Kinky Lash Magnetic Eyelash & Eyeliner at 20% OFF for a limited time only.

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